Yellowstone County Drive – Old Hardin Road Loop

With several members needing to return to Billings earlier for other commitments the March Tour to the Little Big Horn was changed to a nice drive through the back roads of Yellowstone County.  The weather was a bit cool, but the roads were dry and clear.  Attending were Greg Kohn, Susan Finn, Stephanie Haider, Fred Magers and Dan Cole.

Fred Magers in his 944S2 lead the way on the 35 mile route following the old Hardin Highway 87 to Pryor Creek Road then back towards Billings on Blue Creek Road. 

The drive along the old Hardin Highway has a fun section of twisting curves and pretty scenery.  Turning left onto Pryor Road the road is a bit bumpy, but offers a scenic drive along Pryor Creek.

It was a spirited drive with several fun stretches and one moment of excitement.  As the group was dropping down the hill towards Blue Creek School, a Yellowstone County Sheriff passed us and then turned around to follow.  Luckily, we were near the speed limit, or at least not too far over it for him to stop us.  Maybe he just liked Porsches and was cutting us a break.

Afterwards the drive we stopped for some coffee at El Corral.  The one thing we didn’t know at the time was that it was Fred’s Birthday! Happy Belated Birthday Fred!

Line up of Porsches back from a fun Saturday loop of the Yellowstone County countryside.