PCA Treffen Banff

Treffen Banff

Treffen North America is Porsche Club of America’s newest national event, featuring three days of non-competitive touring, creative dining events and the opportunity to explore exciting destinations while staying at some of the finest resorts North America. Translated from German, Treffen means “to meet,” and you’re sure to meet new people and make new friends. Treffen and Porsche Parade destinations are selected to offer annually a national PCA activity within driving distance of the membership.

Working in partnership with local regions, PCA’s Treffen team negotiates and holds all contracts; develops, operates and maintains the website; promotes the event, arranges sponsorship, orders collateral materials, and handles registration. Under the Treffen model, the regions are left to do what they know best: find the best driving roads, local attractions, and lead the drives to those venues.