Stephanie’s President Message – July 2017







Happy 4th of July,

I have to say that our trip to the Charles Ringer Gallery and Studio was quite amazing.  Our drive there was beautiful as always and lunch at the Red Lodge Brewery was very good.  The weather was impeccable, then onto the gallery on our way home.  Charles Ringer spent two hours with us giving us the grand tour of all three of his studios, the back 40, then onto to the gallery where we were able to see the finished product of several of his pieces.  His entire property is scattered with his creative art.

July is Porsche Parade month.  We have a great group heading off to Parade, some of us on different days, but we have a small group heading over together on Saturday, July 8th.  Please note, I will not be at breakfast, but don’t let that stop you from attending and meeting other members.  Hopefully we can all meet for lunch on Monday, July 10th.  Tom Moffett has made reservations for us at Anthony’s of Spokane, 510 N Lincoln at 1:00 PM.  I hope all of our Absaroka members will be able to make it.  The club is buying lunch.  I am staying at the Davenport Tower, as well as several of our other members.  Hopefully, we can all connect while we are there.  I am participating in the Auto Cross on Wednesday, so if you want a good laugh, come watch me!

For our members that are not attending Parade, we have not left you out for events.  We have a drive and lunch planned to Cooke City for July 22nd.  We have invited the Mustang and Corvette clubs to join us, so we will see how many come along.  We will meet at the Holiday Station on Gabel Road at 9:00 AM with a 9:30 AM departure.  We will take the Chief Joseph Highway to Cooke City, have lunch, and return home over the Beartooth Highway.

Also, please don’t forget our 10th Annual All Euro Car Show on August 26th.  I would love to see lots of our members attend this year.  I have been working really hard trying to get the word out.  I have our posters and the tickets, so if you want to help pass them around just let me know and I will be happy to get some to you.  We need all the help we can get from our members.

I would like to thank Ernie Bunn, Nicholas Hessy, Stephanie Krueger and David Sage for renewing their membership.  We appreciate all of you and look forward to seeing you in the near future.

I hope to see you soon.

Stephanie Haider