Red Lines – Lynnsey’s President’s Message #12

Hello Friends,

Summer is upon us!  It is time to get out and see the beautiful land we live in!

We have a few drives planned for you:  June will see some jaunts through Wyoming and the Dakotas. In July we will get to see Dr. Batty’s car collection in Sheridan, August is the All-Euro Car Show and September promises a trip to Lewis and Clark Caverns.  Stay tuned to your email to hear more about all those!  Also, look to Facebook for some pop-up all-marque-inclusive events, such as Billings Cars and Coffee, which happens almost every Saturday and is a good little Show and Shine with a bit of coffee to start your weekend. Summer is the time for car shows, and there is no shortage on those: again, stay tuned to Facebook for more information on locations and times.

I want to say welcome to our new members, we look forward to meeting you and will have a new member party in October. 

I also want to say thank you to our current members.  I miss you all.  I know it has been difficult for us all in this time of pandemic.  We are on track to be back in the swing of things.  I look forward to seeing you all soon.

Breakfast is next weekend, June 12, at the Laurel Golf Club.  A small group is going to the Dakotas and Northern Wyoming in the middle of June, if you would like more information on that, let me know!

Stay well, be kind.