Pushing Limits – March President’s Message

Moin lieber Porschefahrer und Porschefahrerin!

The 3rd Annual February Baked Potato Bar at the home of Graham Beckett and Susan Peacock was a wonderful time.  I want to thank Graham Beckett and Susan Peacock for being such wonderful hosts; and also thank those Absaroka members who were able to come and participate in an enjoyable evening.

If March is any indication, 2013 is going to be another busy season of activities.  First on the calendar is the Zone 6 President’s Meeting in Bend, Oregon on March 9.  As a result, I’ll unfortunately miss the Breakfast Club again.  The president’s meeting has proven a good yard stick in comparing our activities with our Zone 6 peers and catching up on PCA changes.  It’s also a fun time!

Second is, if you are going to make the trek to Michigan in June for Parade you should register early as Parades in the middle of the country tend to sell out. Registration for the 58th Annual Porsche Parade opens on March 12.  I’ll send out an email with all the details about registering, etc.

Thirdly, our warm up (no pun intended) March event will be a short drive over to one of Montana’s most famous tourist locations the Little Big Horn National Battlefield.  The date is Saturday, March 16th.  The current plan is to bring a picnic lunch, if the weather is still cool maybe we can find us a place to eat along the way.  We can tour the battlefield at the Little Big Horn at our leisure and maybe learn something we didn’t already know.  We will firm these details up as time gets closer also.

The “official” Absaroka driving season kicks off in April (20th) with our annual tour to the Paradise Valley.  This year we change it up with a drive to Gardiner, Montana for lunch at K-Bar Pizza.  After lunch we can also do a drive into the park if desired, unfortunately this year we miss the free day, so unless you have a park pass, there would be a $25 admission per car to do so.

The optional overnighter and dinner at Chico Hot Springs Resort IS SOLD OUT.  This will be a fun time for those that are able to attend.

Finally, I’d like to welcome our newest members, dearest friends, Graham Beckett and Susan Peacock as official Absaroka Region members.  While we know the Alaska region is still their “Home” region (Graham is a Charter Member and both are Past Presidents) we are happy to have them both as official members of our region too.  I’d also like to welcome Robert and Heather Bentz who live in Cody and are new transfers from the Rocky Mountain Region.  Welcome.  Thank you also to Red Lodge members James and Karen Grace, and Jeff Walker for their recent renewals.



PS: Formula One begins on March 17th with the 2013 Formula One Rolex Grand Prix of Australia!!!