Pushing Limits – February President’s Message

Moin Lieber Porschefahrer und Porschefahrerin!

One month into the New Year already; where does the time go? 2013 is looking to be another active and EXCITING year here in the Absaroka Region. 

First off, we have been busy putting together our award packages for the upcoming Parade. So far we have for submission, Region of the Year, Public Service of the Year, Newsletter and Website ready for submission. The only awards we haven’t submitted are a Family of the Year and Enthusiast of the Year awards. Keep your fingers crossed.

New for 2013 is PCA National Funding for a new members’ party! With a short bit of paperwork on our end, we can receive $250 to go towards a new members’ party! That’s exciting and can be used for our All Euro Car Show new members drive! This year at the All Euro Car Show, Jaguar will have Jaguar factory representation here! Greg Kohn has pulled some big strings to make this happen. The All Euro Car Show is really looking special for 2013.

Our Breakfast Club is really doing well. In February our breakfast club meeting is scheduled for Saturday the 9th.

Also, on February 19th our 3rd Baked Potato Bar with be at the home of Graham Beckett and Susan Peacock in Billings. This has proven to be a fun time for all. More details are hidden elsewhere in the Arrow.

Our warm-up (no pun intended) March event will be a short drive over to one of Montana’s most famous tourist locations the Little Big Horn National Battlefield. The date is Saturday, March 16th. The current plan is to bring a picnic lunch so if the weather is still cool perhaps we can find a place to eat along the way. We can tour the battlefield at the Little Big Horn and add to our knowledge of Montana’s history. We will firm the details up as time gets closer.

The official driving season kicks off on April 20th with our annual tour to the Paradise Valley.  his year we change it up with a drive to Gardiner. We’ll have lunch at the K-Bar Pizza in Gardiner. After lunch we can do a drive into the park, if desired. Unfortunately this year we miss the free day, so unless you have a park pass there will be a $25 admission per car.

As we did last year for those wanting to make an overnighter of it at Chico Hot Springs Resort, we have again reserved a block of eight rooms in the Lower Lodge with a dinner reservation in the Wine Cellar. Room rates are $129 and have at least a queen bed, and bath. Dinner will be from the Chico menu (6:30PM) and charged to your room. There will be the usual added gratuity (17%) and a $12.00 per couple surcharge to cover the fee for use of the Wine Cellar. You can make a reservation by calling Chico Hot Springs, 406.333.4933. Just mention the Porsche Club. The rooms will be held until March 20th, so don’t be late! Last year this was a fun time in a very classy setting.

The 58th Annual Porsche Parade will be here before you know it. This year it’s in beautiful Traverse City, Michigan at the Grand Traverse Resort and Spa. It’s a long drive for us here in Montana; however, members Bob and Christine Rosenbaum who hail from that area say it’s beautiful and well worth the trip.  I’ve never been to Michigan!

I’d like to thank Scott and Mary Clarkson, and Jon and Brett Potter for their recent renewals.