Porsche Parade – Day 3

Today’s big event is the TSD Rally and the Concours Banquet. If you’re a rally driver, you know there are some that take it seriously. Their cars are equipped with all kinds of gadgets to make their way through the route to the gnat’s behind. When Fred and I did the rally in Salt Lake it was fun, but boy did we make a lot of errors. For the non serious rally team it’s a nice drive through the local area.

I volunteered to work a rally check point. Seeing the backside of the event really shows the effort involved in planning, and execution. It takes an army of volunteers and some serious timing gear. I guess we’ll just stick to simple gimmick rallys.  I also meet some nice folks from across the country in the process.

The Concours Banquet is sponsored by Porsche. All of the serious national awards are presented here in addition to the awards from the Concours event. Mike Holtzclaw from Alaska won Enthusiast of the Year. If you’ve had the chance to meet  Mike through Graham and Susan you know Mike is a great guy and ambassador for PCA. The award couldn’t have gone to a more deserving person.

Tomorrow is time to head back to Montana. It’s been a fun few days of escape, but it’ll be good to be back home.

Next year’s Porsche Parade is in Spokane. Hope you all can go for a few days.