Porsche Parade – Day 1

Well I made it to Vermont. It’s another beautiful state, green, old and still with an occasional Bernie sign in a front yard. Day one for me is business. As a lucky member of PCA’s national staff, attending meetings is what pays my way on this fun trip. Parade however just isn’t the same without Jo and my Porsche. It’s kind of like taking your sister to prom, so when I saw Graham Beckett and Susan Peacock today  it lifted my spirits. They’re about the best examples of welcoming PCA members out there. They both should be on a recruiting poster.

Jay Peak is a ski Resort and scattered across the base of a mountain. Unlike last year at French Lick it doesn’t seem as crowded, and I can sit on my balcony with a beer and not feel like I just jumped out of the shower. That is a welcomed change for sure.

The mood today is pretty jubilant. The German word “schadenfreude” or the joy you get in someone else’s suffering was in full definition as Porsche won Le Mans when the leading Toyota stopped three minutes from the end! 23:57 minutes of racing and hardwork and nothing to show for it!

In a few minutes is the first banquet sponsored by Pirelli. It’s fun, casual and will have several Pirelli Calendar girls walking around. If your lucky, you’ll win a new set of Pirelli shoes for your Porsche.

So time to get ready. Concours tomorrow combined with volunteering for the cleanup detail.

Wish you all were here too.