Porsche Parade – Day 2

Today is a highlight for me. It’s the Concours where everyone slaves over cleaning their Porsches with toothbrushes and tweeser. I like to drive too much, so my Boxster is constantly dirty. These folks are obsessed. One guy had a 930 that I thought was the same color as my old 83 SC. After complementing him he schooled me that his color was unique and I was was mistaken. It was a nice car, I just don’t take it that seriously.

I had a look at some Boxsters and again wished mine was here. I actually looked in the engine compartment. I’ve never done that on mine after 7 years! I know mine can’t possibly be that clean either!  One guy from New York had a collection of GT 3s, all with  Montana plates of various styles. There was also a beautiful 356 Carrera cab from Montana. We must have great tax laws.

Porsche has their big tent of new cars to lust for too. They have the crowd favorite 911R which is all ready sold out, a new motorsports edition that is way cool, and a new 911 turbo S that costs more than the house Jo and I just sold. It’s sure is fun to day dream, but in the end I’m happy with my little 01 Boxster S. It pushes all the right buttons for me.

Tonight is an open night for attendees. PCA a has a party for staff and region presidents that is fun time. It’s a nice reward for all the effort dedicated over the year. Graham and Susan will be representing our Absaroka Region for Stephanie. There is always an abundance of Porsche factory folks there as well, so it gives me a chance to speak German.

Well, the presidents party is over  and I and  the  Alaska Region came up with an idea will revolutionize PCA.  Virtual auto cross. Same course across the country, submit  your times and settle it all at Parade. We’ll see how we can make that work. Beer makes you smart, especially free beer.

Tomorrow is the Time  Speed Distance rally, a Huge Parade event. Many PCA marriages have been tested on this event. I’m a scorer, so stand by.

Another fun day. Plan for next year in Spokane.