One Potato, Two Potato, Three Potato, Four…….

For the fourth time the Absaroka Region has gathered together on a cold February evening to enjoy a huge and hot Idaho baked potato, wonderful toppings and great company. Graham Beckett and Susan Peacock again opened their home (AKA Alaska Region Southern Outpost) to the group.

The baked potato party started as a fun pot luck event at Autobahn Motorwerks. It has continued to be a fun time and well attended. In addition to our wonderful hosts, attending this year were Jim and Francie Hasbrouck, Dan Cole and Jo Pintz-Cole, Greg and Susan Kohn, Fred Magers, Dan and Judi Amick, Susan and Gary Finn, Herb Stoick, Tom Agnew, Drew Mitchell and Brittany Penberthy, and last but not least, our president Stephanie Haider and hubby, Daryl.

Tom Agnew was the only one who braved the winter weather in his Cayman which was outfitted in proper winter tires. I’m sure it made for a nice drive from Big Timber.

Graham and Susan made it a family atmosphere by setting up a long dining table so everyone could sit together. It was decorated with miniature Porsches, a German flag and mementoes from Porsche Parades past.

In addition to standard baked potato topping classics we enjoyed Swedish meatballs, pulled pork, chili, and a wonderful soup.

To keep activities lively the group participated in a couple of friendly competitions. First up was Liar’s Poker with a prize of a gift certificate to Grains of Montana. This was won by Gary Finn with a winning hand of five 3’s. To prepare for Porsche’s return to Le Mans this season we then took a quiz matching the images of great racing circuits around the world to their names. The prize was a Porsche promo book on the new Porsche Turbo. Brittany who correctly answered 4 of 10 took top honors.

An informal membership meeting was held where the group talked about our next meeting in March in Roscoe, MT; the April drive to Chico Hot Springs and Yellowstone National Park and an update on the upcoming 59th Porsche Parade in Monterey and the change in registration date.

For dessert and to honor our Alaskan hosts, Vice President and Absaroka Region’s baker-extraordinaire, Susan Finn, treated everyone to a beautiful Baked Alaska. It was delicious!

On the trivia front, Dan learned that Graham is an Old Ardinian and was a classmate of 1958 Formula One World Champion Mike Hawthorn.

Thank you Graham and Susan for another wonderful evening of hospitality and to all those who were able to attend, thereby making it a great success.


Top Left: Dan & Judi Amick, Top Center: Stephanie & Daryl Haider; Right: Susan Finn and her Baked Alaska masterpiece!
Middle Left: Francie & Jim Hasbrouck; Center: Brittany Penberthy & Drew Mitchell.
Bottom (Left to Right): Jim Hasbrouck, Greg Kohn, Tom Agnew, Jo Pintz-Cole, Susan Peacock, Dan Amick, Judi Amick, Gary Finn, Susan Finn, Brittany Penberthy, Drew Mitchell.