Our October season closing driving event at Bill Windham’s home in Big Timber was a great success.  This was our second trip to Bill’s home to close the season.  We debated where to go for a drive in the area, but in the end we decide to have a relaxing afternoon and BBQ.  That was a good call.

We had a nice turn out from both our Billings and Bozeman members.  Making the party from Bozeman were Randy Johnson and his friend Steve Figgins (993), and club vice president Steve Homec and his wife Susan (997S).  From Billings we had Fred Magers (944S2), Greg and Susan Kohn (Boxster), Stephanie and Daryl Haider (911), Susan Finn and her father Bob Voight (944), Bob and Chris Rosenbaum (Boxster) and Jo and I (Boxster S). 

A stable of Porsches at the “Prancing Horse”

The weather was absolutely beautiful.  It was a perfect Montana fall day.  As is typical in this next of the woods, the wind was howling straight in our faces.  When we exited our cars at Bill’s we commented we should have all brought kites to the party, but as we rounded the corner onto Bill’s covered deck the wind was sheltered as if it wasn’t blowing at all.

Bill’s place was ready for our party with Porsche posters hung to set the tone.

After a nice social hour of conversation and adult beverages, it was time to fire up the grill.

The meal was a feast with burgers, pulled pork, Bill’s secret baked beans, pasta salad, shrimp, chips and salsa, beer and beverages.

It was nice to be able to talk to members Bob and Chris Rosenbaum and learn about their journey to Montana from the east.  Our little club has provided them a nice way to get out and explore their new home and meet new friends. As president, that has been my goal; to enjoy our great state and meet new friends.  It seems we as a club are doing well there.

Bill is a gracious host and it was a nice casual way to end of busy “official” driving season in the Absaroka Region.  Thank you again Bill.


Left to Right: Greg Kohn, Steve Figgins, Bob Rosenbaum, Susan Kohn, Randy Johnson, Chris Rosenbaum, Bill Windham, Susan Finn, Susan Homec, Bob Voight, Stephanie Haider, Steve Homec, Jo Pintz-Cole, Fred Magers, Dan Cole, Daryl Haider.