Jack’ Presidents Message – March/April 2024

Spring seems to be coming, but this is Montana. I can’t be naive, wishful thinking! There have been days in February, I wished the Boxster was not in hibernation.

I want to thank Francie and Jim Hasbrouck for hosting the potato party on short notice. Originally, scheduled at Burke’s, COVID hit our house, so we had to move the event. I heard from quarantine that it was a great event.

We have three new members to welcome. Thomas and Kim Troop from Billings (Cayenne) and Bill Nevius from Red Lodge (Cayman S). Hopefully we will meet them at our breakfast on March 9th at the Laurel Golf Club at 9 AM.

A couple of our members have asked that I confirm dates for a few upcoming events. Saturday, April 20th will be our first official driving event. It’s been suggested that we take a day trip to Chico Hot Springs, have lunch in the tavern and head home.

We also have a drive planned for the opening of the Beartooth Pass in May. The pass opens on Friday (May 24th). We have the drive on the event calendar tentatively scheduled on Sunday (May 26th). We would meet in Billings, and drive up the pass, have lunch in Red Lodge and return home.  I have been wondering if the drive should be the Sunday or Monday, Memorial Day.

There are pros and cons to both days. Traffic on the pass may be a bigger issue on Sunday. I would like to hear back on any preferences.

On the topic of preferences, I have been thinking about how we can get feedback from all of you. We are a group of 70-plus primary members, 46 co-members and 8 juniors. I recently contacted Jim Hemig, Marketing Director, PCA National. Jim has shared with me examples of surveys other regions have used. My goal is to edit one of the surveys and have it sent out to members in the next month.

High Performance Drivers Education (HPDE) is tentatively scheduled for the last full weekend in June and August. The Big Sky Region will be confirming the dates in the coming weeks. Michael Handelman, President of the Big Sky Region will let us know the confirmed date.

In April, I would like to try having a short drive after our Porches and Pancake Breakfasts. To accomplish a drive, we will have to meet all insurance requirements for PCA. We would start from our breakfast site and return to the breakfast site. Any ideas where we would go?

That’s about it for now. Get ready for spring! See you Saturday, March 9th ,9 AM at the Laurel Golf Course.