In the Zone #9 – PCA Zone 6 Rep Tim Hagner


The “Summer of PCA” is winding down, what a summer!

I hope you were able to take your Porsche and enjoy all your Club had to offer you this summer. Did you manage to join some of your fellow PCA’ers in your neighboring regions? From my travels I’ve learned that PCA’ers are the same in all regions; friendly, welcoming and sharing the Porsche passion.

There where so many regional events in our Zone, I can’t list them all, there was something for everyone. Tours: 1 day and multiday, car shows, concours, auto-X, DE’s, Driver Skills classes, Rallies, a Funkana, Charity funds raisers, meetings and other things I’ve forgotten. Throughout our Zone 6 we had at least one PCA event every weekend, whew. If you couldn’t find that event you wanted, go ahead and put it on and share it with your Club!

At the Zone and National level we had the Zone 6 Grand Tour (5,200 miles, 15 days), Whistler Weekend in B.C. Canada, 60th Porsche Parade in French Lick, Indiana, Escape to Rushmore in South Dakota and Rennsport V in Monterey, California. How many of these did you manage to attend? Judging from every event I attended this year out of our zone, you made a lot. There were always Zone 6’ers to be found. Good job Zone 6!

Thank you to the volunteers! All of this great fun is made possible by the effort of PCA volunteers; from the National President Caren Cooper, down to you. Without them we wouldn’t have the viable and active club we have today. When you volunteer, your club experience is enhanced, you feel more connected and involved. And I’ve noticed your club satisfaction increases with your understanding of what it takes to run and manage your Club.

Here’s my Zone Rep challenge to you:

First: Attend a regional event in another region. You’ll have a great time.

Second: Volunteer to help a fellow volunteer with the planning and execution of an event. They’ll gladly share the how’s and whys of putting on an event. It’s that time of the year for new club officers to come forward. This would be a great way to give back to your Club as a volunteer.

Are you up for the challenge? I know you are. When I see you next time let me know how it’s going.

I’ll see you in the zone!