Herb’s President’s Message – April 2019

It’s a good thing February is a short month, I believe we’ve all had our fill for this year. But the days are getting longer, bringing the promise of warmer days and dry roads to play on.  Our kickoff trip to Chico is only two months away and several other tours are scheduled to enjoy the history and scenery of our area.  I had the pleasure of attending a PCA national meeting in Seattle last month, the main focus to insure that PCA continues to be the far and away best car club anywhere. 

We also toured Griot’s garage full of exotic cars, including a several Ferrari race cars, Porsches and a few cars undergoing total restoration.  This meeting was held the weekend of the great snowstorm of 2019 when it snowed continuously for four days.  Try flying out of SeaTac when there is eight inches of snow on the runway!  With the delays and cancellations I spent eighteen hours in the SeaTac and Salt Lake airports. 

PCA has developed a simulated driving program that sounds exiting, and I would like to see if we can offer it at the All Euro Car Show.  Apparently if you have the equipment you will be racing against people all over the country, and they say there is even a live turn by turn announcer.  I think this would be really attractive to the younger folks that we are trying to get involved with PCA. 

Our new Zone Rep, Peter Spencer seems very proactive and plans to visit each region as soon as possible.  He may attend the Charlie Russell Chew Choo.

Hope to see you soon,