Herb’s President’s Message – November 2018

Well, after two days of raking leaves I am convinced fall is here! For me the year seemed to fly by; all that spring rain made for a lot of mowing and weeding but resulted in a bumper crop of fruit and vegetables to preserve this fall.

The many tours and events our region held were a welcome respite from farm life for me. Our region has been amazingly dynamic this year, with several new members, members getting new cars, attending national events, and hosting great get-togethers.

The holiday season is approaching, a time to reflect on our blessings, celebrate friendships, and remember those we have lost with fondness. Our annual Christmas party will be December 2nd at Buddy and Judi Kastrop’s home in Billings, we will have the steal a gift exchange again, gifts usually are valued around $20.00, although some have been priceless, which makes for an entertaining evening!

It’ll be a Pot Luck as usual affair and BYOB. When PCA lets me back into the region membership contact info I will have more details to share via the emailer.

I would also like to propose that we enter the cardboard classic race in Red Lodge, we have plenty of cardboard and people with plenty of talent, I think in few days we could send a Porsche down the hill (short straw gets pilot!)

See you at Grains of Montana on Saturday November 10th for breakfast.


Herb’s Tech Tip:  If you are putting your baby into storage for the winter top off all fluids and place cardboard under the car to locate pesky leaks. also check the air in the tires, add gasoline stabilizer to tank, I also put a sticky glue mouse trap inside (note: some are not sticky in very cold weather) the passenger compartment.