Herb’s President’s Message – January 2019

I hope everyone had an opportunity to enjoy the company of family and friends over the holidays, and also have spent some time remembering those we have lost for now.

928 international offers their used parts at half off until Christmas, so that’s where I did most of my shopping!

Winter finally showed up and put the kibosh on driving Handbasket, but not before I ran into Dan, Jo, and Stephanie at Canyon Creek on Steph’s birthday. Winter is always a busy time for me; adding feeding cows and hauling firewood to the list of to do’s besides running the shop and remodeling my house, but I have been gathering up some very strong cardboard for building a Porsche cardboard classic. Anyone with ideas for the body design ? We have until March to get it built. It looks like our January calendar is pretty slow, with just breakfast on the twelfth.

Looking back over my year most of the memorable moments were our club activities; the drives picnics, dinners, and the car show (will we ever top last year?). I would like to thank you all for such a great level of participation, that’s what makes our club so much fun. And for helping me be your leader (There is a famous quote “Which way did they go? I must find them, for I am their leader!”) I am looking forward to next year and wish each of you peace health and happiness.

Yours  truly, Herb.