Big Horn Mountains

Porsche Boxster in the Big Horn Mountains of Wyoming
Photo: Dan Cole – Absaroka Region

Wyoming’s Big Horn Mountains offer a scenic view of high alpine lakes, wide expansive overlooks and twisty, smooth roads that are perfect to drive in a Porsche.  There are a minimum of three different routes to choose from.  There is Sheridan to Lovell via Highway 14 and 14a; Sheridan to Greybull via Highway 14 and Shell Canyon; and lastly Highway 16 from Buffalo to Worland.  Each is unique and beautiful.

With your starting point in Lovell, Sheridan, Buffalo or Greybull, Wyoming, the Big Horn Mountains will not disappoint.  The Big Horns are home to the Prehistoric Native American Medicine Wheel (a nice Cayenne drive), Big Horn National Recreation Area, Thermopolis Hot Springs, and DINOSAURS!


Northern Route

Middle Route

Southern Route