59th Porsche Parade – June 15 to 21, 2014 – Monterey, California


Porsche Parade 2014: Monterey, California!

Monterey is the site of our 59th Porsche Parade, to be held this June 15 through 21, 2014. This is PCA’s annual extravaganza of competitive and social events. Only minutes away from the beautiful Pacific Ocean, we’ll be treated to drives on the famous Pacific Coastal Highway, to some of California’s legendary vineyards, and through the hills and valleys of northern California. Of course, Parade has a long history of friendly competition and that will continue this year with the always challenging Concours d’Elegance, TSD rally, autocross, and the tech-quiz.


Registration will open on April 1st (new date!), and there will be a link to register on pca.org and parade2014.pca.org. This Parade will be very popular, but we will accept ALL entries. We can accommodate all entrants for each of the banquets and all competitive events, as well as most activities. Tours on some days will sell out, however.

Upon checking out of Parade registration, you will receive an email with the link to our host hotels and discount codes. We have blocked rooms at five area hotels, and we do expect hotel rooms to fill up quickly.

Check In

Parade entrants should check in for Parade on Sunday, June 15 between 9 am and 5 pm. This is the only time when all the event chair-people will be all together in one place to check you in, answer all your questions, and make sure you have the banquet seats you want, pick up your meal tickets and are classified properly for the competitive events you’ve entered. That is when you get your Parade goodie-bags and volunteer t-shirts. Late check-in is available throughout the week, but we recommend getting to Monterey on Sunday.


We have five banquets, our Welcome Party on Sunday the 15th, the Concours banquet on Tuesday, TSD banquet on Wednesday, AX on Friday, and our Victory banquet on Saturday. You can sign up for all of them, or individually, through registration.

Competitive Events

The Porsche Concours d’Elegance is the showcase of the week’s activities and gets started early on Monday, June 16th on the beautiful fairways of the Monterey Hyatt. We have classes for every Porsche and stage of preparation—from “Full” preparation to “Street” class where only the interior and exterior, including wheels and tires, are judged.

The Mobil TSD Rally on Tuesday June 17th takes us in and around the beautiful vineyards, hills, forests and beaches of the area in a rally that’s sure to become the stuff of legend. We’ll be offering the TSD Rally School on Monday evening, June 16.

The Michelin Autocross is on Wednesday and Thursday, June 18 and 19 at nearby Marina airport.

Whether you study-up or just show up, the Technical/Historical Quiz on the morning of Friday, June 20 is always a great way to show what you know about our favorite cars… or to face what you don’t.

Events and Activities

Parade Kids

The Parade Kids program has become a favorite of our family of enthusiasts, with many of the kids forming enduring friendships and looking forward to Parade each year. The 2014 Parade Kids program will have plenty of fun and adventure, true to the California spirit of fun, adventure, and learning in Monterey.


The Hospitality area is always one of the best places to hang out at Parade, whether you’re perusing the various vendors, partaking in the planned Beer or Wine tastings, or just looking to visit with friends before heading out to dinner.

Gimmick Rally

The Gimmick Rally, will held Thursday, June 19th, and is designed to provide a scenic, fun and relaxing outing for everyone (children included).


Throughout the week you will have an opportunity to go on a different driving tour each day. In addition, most driving tours will run more than once during the week in the event you commit to another activity on a particular day. All tours include a variety of points of interest and a destination.

Tech Academy

The fifth annual Parade Tech Academy will be held Friday, June 20th, immediately following the Tech Quiz. Once again, we have an exciting mix of our outstanding PCA Technical Committee and outside speakers. By attending more than one session, you become eligible for “Tech Academy Accreditation” of various levels, depending on the number of sessions you attend:

• Five Sessions equals a “Doctorate”

• Four Sessions earns a “Masters”

• Three Sessions takes a “Bachelors”

• Two Sessions starts you with an “Associate”

Michelin Drive and Compare

Another great event at Parade is the Michelin Drive & Compare and this is your chance to take a couple of thrill laps around the course in two identical Porsches with two different types of tires.

Golf Tournament

Please join us on Wednesday, June 18 for the annual Porsche Parade Golf Tournament. We will be playing at the Pacific Grove Golf Links, on the tip of the scenic Monterey Peninsula, overlooking Point Pinos and the Pacific Ocean, just a short 5 mile drive from the Hyatt.

Parade of Porsche’s

The final driving event of Porsche Parade will give you an opportunity to Parade your Porsche and take in the spectacular scenery of Monterey and Pebble Beach. You’ll take in breathtaking views of the coast and hills surrounding Monterey and provide a great view to the locals of all our beautiful Porsches cruising by.

Art Show

The art-show is one of Parade’s “must see” events, providing a great venue for our talented and creative members to show off their vision, creativity, imagination and skill. This Parade event continues with categories in fiber arts, jewelry, painting, crafts and photography (both amateur and professional divisions). All Parade entrants may participate, including children. We have an expert judging committee as well as our favorite people’s choice award. Take some time during the week just to see the amazing talent of our PCA artists and craftspeople from around the country.

Driver Education

One of the most asked questions about this year’s Parade: will there be a High Performance Driver Education event at nearby Mazda Raceway at Laguna Seca. The answer is yes-June 21-22. For more details, be sure to visit the Parade website. Space will be limited!

5K Run/Walk

One of the best ways to finish off your week at Parade is the 5K run/walk. The event will be held the morning of June 21th, with age classes from 10 years to 80+ years and awards for top male/female in each class, T-Shirts, and a commemorative item for each participant. Please join us!

R/C Cars

The R/C contest has become a favorite in recent years with kids young and not-so-young. If you have a “ride” get entered. If not, then come and watch. It’s a blast!

Goodie Store

Everyone who’s ever been to Parade knows this is a must-do on your shopping schedule. Whether it’s for this year’s logo designed outerwear, special jewelry, Porsche-themed books, or to add to your miniature car collection, the 2014 Porsche Parade Goodie Store will have a great array of products.


For “normal” people, vacation is the time to relax and be served. Porsche Parade is 99% volunteer supported! That’s how all of us from all over the country get to know each other, by working a couple of four hour shifts during the week with other PCA members. As a thank you, you will be eligible to attend the exclusive Volunteer Party Luncheon on Saturday, June 21st—there are numerous door prizes too!

Prior to Registering for Parade

Ensure you have an account for the member-only portion of www.pca.org You will need to login to register for Parade. Check to see that all your information is up-to-date and current, especially your e-mail address. All pre-Parade materials are sent to you via e-mail, and are posted on the Parade website http://parade2014.pca.org .

Registration Fees

Everyone signing up for Parade must pay an entrant fee of $169, which covers the entrant and co-entrant.

Fees for the four major competitive events are:

• Concours — $30 per car,

• Autocross — $30 per driver,

• TSD Rally — $15 per car, and

• Tech/Historical Quiz — $15 per person.

Entrant fees for guests are as follows:

• JPP/CAFP — $20,

• Child age 13-15 — $15,

• Child under age 13 — $10.

• Adult guests — $40.

Additional fees apply for banquets and for selected other activities.

Advance Registration is mandatory — there is no on-site registration during Parade. Parade registrations are not transferable. Fifty percent of your registration fee and 100 percent of your banquet fees will be refunded if your e-mailed cancellation request is received on or before June 10. There is no refund for cancellations made after that time. You may make changes to your registration at any time before June 10.


If you have questions regarding Parade, please consult the Parade website at Parade2014.pca.org. If you are unable to find your answer there, email Kathleen Behrens, Parade Registrar at registrar@pcaparade.org or call 503.579.3423 (please leave a message).