3rd Annual Baked Potato Meeting, February 16, 2013

Saturday, February 16 was the 3rd annual Baked Potato Bar Party.  This year the Absaroka region was welcomed to the Billings home of our long time friends and now official Absaroka Region members Graham Beckett and Susan Peacock.

The Baked Potato Bar has become a nice casual get together.  In addition to our hosts, enjoying the evening were Bob and Christine Rosenbaum, Greg and Susan Kohn, Dan Cole and Jo Pintz-Cole, Bill Windham, Fred Magers and his daughter Sabrina, Susan Finn, and Stephanie and Daryl Haider.

For the boys, Graham provided a tour of his garage/man cave that held his beautiful white 1965 365, which is undergoing some repair work, his red 1974 911 Targa and his blue 993 coupe.  It then dawned on me these are the colors of Graham’s home Union Jack!

I also learned a piece of interesting trivia while in Graham’s garage.

Which famous former racing driver has driven/raced in Graham’s 356?

1. Ex Ferrari driver and 1958 Formula One Champion Mike Hawthorne

2. Ex Lotus driver and 1963 & 1965 Formula 1 World Champion Jim Clark

3. Ex Ferrari driver and winner of both the 1961 GP of Netherlands and GP of Great Britain Wolfgang Reichgraf Berghe von Tripps

4. Ex Porsche driver and winner of the 1970 & 1971 World Champion of Makes Pedro Rodriguez

Back inside the group enjoyed nice conversation about myriads of topics.  Tasty beverages were served and then the potato bar opened.  Susan had prepared some beautiful Idaho bakers that once covered with the chili and cheese, chicken fajitas, sour cream, bacon and butter made for a hearty and delicious meal.

Dessert wasn’t forgotten; Susan Finn, Susan Kohn and Christine Rosenbaum each brought some wonderful cupcakes.

Thank you again to our hosts, and to all those members who were able to make it to the party.


Bill Windham and Graham Beckett

Members enjoying conversation

Graham’s stable of Porsches